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Google doesn't use CTR, click through data, to rank their search results. But of course, Google posted something that is driving huge confusion again around the topic.

looking at this quote from Google page

Data logging
Google works continuously to improve its products, including the use of customer data from Google consumer data to refine those products. For example, when you click a link in Google Search, Google considers your click when ranking that search result in future queries.

To help Cloud Speech-to-Text to better suit your needs, you can opt into the data logging program. The data logging program allows Google to improve the quality of Speech-to-Text by using customer data to refine its speech recognition service. As a benefit for opting in, you gain access to enhanced transcription models that Google has trained by using data collected through the data logging program.

Again, I really do not think Google uses CTR for core ranking. They use it in a limited way for personalized search based on the previous query. They do use it to evaluate how their search ranking algorithms are performing. But CTR is not used in real time to adjust the search results otherwise.

Feb 22nd 2019 at 9:11 AM
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