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We all know Guest posting has been around before Google itself and basically, there is no way for them to stop it because it's not illegal, the practice is fair game as long as the "Google laws" are not broken. Most Guest posting, or at least the ones that do it right, make sure that the do follow links point to a related topic/website/content. Again, in this way, there is nothing Google can do because you are not breaking any laws thus people using these methods are gaining in traffic/SEO ranks and what not.

But Google has blogged they don't like guest blogging... 5 years ago writing about the decay and fall of guest blogging but if you ask me its done nothing but make the mediocre win and that sucks... so much good writing is hidden a few pages down because there is one pyramid scheme after another owning the top of the SERPs because of guest post hierarchy.

The last few updates have nothing but seal the fate that if you're NOT guest blogging you're NOT ranking and this sucks mostly when you're putting much time creating quality content.

I could send mountains of evidence to google if they cared... facebook groups, twitter tribes, private websites where people charge for posts, sell links, bill out for guest posts, link swap, 3way swap - and they all rank well and have high demand because they show up on top of pages... but if you read the pages its people who have no experience what they're talking about, wouldn't pass any EAT review and do well because they're in groups that spam them and help perpetuate their success as a dream that others can achieve so they can sell them a guide book or get rich scheme too - which only perpetuates the links and hierarchy that Google seems to accept and prefer.

Feb 7th 2019 at 9:51 AM
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