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Small Business you can start at home, without spending much to start the business.

1. Babysitting

Do you have spare time and do you love kids? Babysitting may be a good side small business for you to start. Keep look at several young kids, not just kids also dog walking on the weekend and you can easily make some money.

2. Lease out space or room in your house

Do you have some room or space within your house? Simply turn that extra room into a small lodge room. In case you reside close to a tourist vacation destination, you can easily consider renting out the room or space thru or Airbnb.
Small Business you can start at home, without spending much to start the business and Make Money From Home

3. Do you like Writing or Blogging

If you actually get pleasure from writing, find a niche you are passionate about and launch a web page dedicated to that topic. All you require is a computer system and start writing and post your blog. This can start as a leisure activity and turn in to a small business over time.

4. Buying and reselling on eBay
well this is easy but you have to be careful some will sell you fake materials or return wrong goods which will cost you cash at the end

5. Cake and cupcake baking and decorating

Do you enjoy baking cakes and have a little creative touch? Learn to decorate cakes as well as make them for particular events. You can Offer your designs online via or your neighborhood Facebook or Twitter page, or at nearby markets. A lot of people are ready to pay other people to make customized cakes for a birthday celebration and special events.

feel free to share any other ways

Mar 19th 2019 at 9:23 PM
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